Bail bonds are essential for the accused people that are expected to appear in court for hearings. The police will not let go of a person who has been arrested for a serious offense unless they are sure that he/she will show up in court as expected. Those that are unable to pay the predetermined bail will seek the help of a bail bond company. Thus, your company can get hectic every day, with arrestees or their families calling and coming into your office to seek your help. An answering service is a great idea, as it can take care of the callers while you attend to other important business matters. Here are the benefits you can’t overlook:

Provide Clarity Regarding Your Bail Bond Services

As a bail bond company, you want people to understand your services first before engaging you. Therefore, someone has to be there to handle all the inquiries from would-be clients. Arrested persons or their families would like to understand the process they have to access your help. They need to know what they have to do for your company to guarantee their court appearance. Some call to raise concerns and seek clarification regarding a particular or general matter regarding bail bonds. All these calls come in no specific order and at no specific time of the day.

Therefore, your company has to be prepared to receive a myriad of calls like those every day. Your clients deserve a call handler who will patiently listen and speak to them respectfully. They want to deal with someone knowledgeable, who can answer all their questions at a go, without referring them or asking them to call another time. A professional call handler will have all the time to answer all these questions and provide the information your clients need. He/she will patiently take them through the entire process and simplify the criminal justice system, using a language they can easily understand.

Customize Plans for Your Client’s Needs

People seeking the services of a bail bond company have unique needs. If you have more people seeking your help, you may be tempted to generalize their needs and offer general plans because you cannot handle their individual needs. This could cause you to lose more clients than you are attracting. You may eventually have to close your business.

If you want to serve more clients and satisfy all their needs, offer customized plans based on their needs. A professional call handler can make that possible for your business. The person receiving your business calls will listen to the caller’s needs and then put them into a pan that best fits their needs. This makes them feel a lot more understood.

Customized plans for your clients are also a good marketing strategy that will draw in more clients for your business. When arrested persons or their families call you for help, they know that you will offer support based on their unique needs. You are willing to negotiate for better terms as long as your client appears in court on the dates provided.

Customized plans will also set you apart from your competitors and increase customer loyalty. You need both of these advantages to stay in the industry much longer.

Call Routing Saves Business’ and Clients’ Time

As a bail bond company, your clients are people who are fighting for their freedom, at least for the time being before the court determines their cases. These are people who have probably lost enough time in their businesses, workplaces, or families. The last thing they want is to waste more time talking to people who keep transferring them from one office to another. Professional answering services involve call routing, which simplifies your work and that of your colleagues, and saves your clients a considerable amount of time.

When clients call your office, they want to speak to the only person who can handle their issue. Call routing makes this possible. Your business calls will be filtered as they come in and transferred to the right person or office in real-time. Clients who want to make inquiries will be transferred to the information desk, and those that want to speak to you will be transferred directly to your office. Your clients will no longer have to wait in line to talk to the right person, which leads to frustration and lost business.

Call routing also simplifies your work and that of your colleagues. It makes your business more organized and able to achieve much more every day. 

No More Lost Business

Any call missed by a bail bond company may translate to lost business in the end. Imagine how many clients you lose every year? You are likely to lose even more businesses if you don’t engage a call handler’s services.

An arrest can happen at any time of the day or night, which is also when your clients need your services. If a client is arrested in the middle of the night, they will want to call to determine if your company can organize for their release. If you are unavailable, the client will contact another bail bond company operating at that time. Availing your services even after office hours ensures that you are not losing any business to your competitors.

Clients do not necessarily have to call after office hours. They may call when you are serving another client or in court. During that time, you will not be there to help them or answer their questions. But a smart call handler will know what to tell them. When clients are well answered, they will not have to look elsewhere for the same services you are offering.

Multi-Lingual Services Accommodates All

You do not get to serve English-speaking clients every day. Sometimes a non-native will call your office for help. You must agree that the language barrier is a challenge that is facing bail bond companies like yours. You need someone in the office to communicate in more languages like German, Spanish, and French. This way, you can be sure that all your clients will be well-understood, regardless of the language they speak.

In the United States today, we have people living and working here from all parts of the world. Some are still learning English and may not communicate as effectively as we do. Others can only understand English but may not be able to express themselves fully in the same. Hiring a bi-lingual receptionist could be a good idea, but it will cost your business a lot more than you are making.

The best alternative would be to engage the services of a bi-lingual call handler. Call handlers undergo intensive training, including communicating in various languages to enable them to handle all types of calls they receive. Your clients will be happy to know that they can be understood regardless of the language they speak.  They can comfortably explain their situation to someone who understands them and can respond in a conversant language.

Around the Clock Bond Services

The police arrest people throughout the day, with no particular time or pattern. Therefore, it is possible to receive a call from a client very early in the morning before your office is opened, late in the evening, or in the middle of the office. Calls coming in during the official working hours can easily be handled, but those phone calls coming in when no one in the office can go unanswered.

For a long time, bail bond companies have been using automated answering machines to receive messages from clients calling in after working hours. Today, people no longer want to speak to a machine, but a real person. An actual person can listen and respond to their needs. It makes clients feel good and accepted. It makes them relax, knowing that their needs will be attended to. 

An answering service will make your office available for clients around the clock. You can comfortably close the office without worrying that a new client will call in your absence. You can relax after work without worrying that you may be losing business to your competitors, who may probably be working around the clock.

If a client is arrested over the weekends, they can call and get your help, even if your office is not open over the weekends. An answering service for your bail bond company will keep your business open, even in your absence.

Professional Bail Bond Services

Have you wondered why so many service companies are closing business nowadays? Clients want more than the services you are dealing with. They want to feel needed and appreciated. Clients want to pay for a service they have enjoyed. Professionalism will attract and keep clients in your business. You may have the best bond services that many arrested persons would be interested in, but professionalism will make them sign the deal. How do you ensure that your business is professional from the beginning?

The person who manages your calls could be a significant determining factor in the kind of perception your clients have towards your business. What do your clients feel when they call your office? How are they treated? When a client is rushed through a call, they may never call back in the future. They could even hang up without explaining their need.  They will not recommend you to anyone that could be interested in the services you are offering. Even if you are dealing with people suspected of criminal activities, you should treat them professionally.

The good thing about answering services is that call center agents are well-trained before being deployed to serve clients. Their main tasks revolve around picking calls from all kinds of people; therefore, professionalism is a crucial skill they must master. Engaging an answering service ensures that your clients’ phone calls will be picked by a dedicated person who has enough time to engage them and has all the answers they need. It leaves would-be clients wishing to engage your company over and over again.

It Saves You Money

Bail bond companies only rely on a small percentage of their clients’ bonds to run the business. In most cases, the money is barely enough, and the company has to find ways to minimize its operating costs. One sure way you can achieve this in your business is through outsourcing. A fully trained in-house receptionist will cost your company a lot of money, you will need a different desk, and maybe an office for them. You will need equipment too, and a monthly salary, among other expenses. Outsourcing answering services will come at a fraction of the total cost.

Call centers are fully equipped with the rights tools and well-trained personnel. You do not need to pay for regular training for the virtual receptionist to manage your business calls adequately. The company will offer all that you need at an affordable cost. Most call centers operate 24/7. Therefore, you do not have to pay extra charges to have your business’ calls managed after office hours, during the weekend and public holidays. You only need to provide the company with information regarding your business, and your callers’ needs will be met.

Your virtual receptionist will receive and forward any urgent calls to your or your colleagues at no extra cost. The call handler will take the client’s message and deliver it to you in real-time in your absence.


If you have been running a bail bond company with no success, you may not have been managing your business calls properly. It is a daunting task for many businesses like yours. But the solution lies in engaging the services of a call handler. An answering service for your bail bond company will take the load of managing business calls off your shoulders. It will ease your work and leave you with enough time to manage your business’s most essential aspects. It will also give your callers more reasons to call back in the future if needed. Therefore, if you need help managing your business calls, do not hesitate to engage a reliable call center’s services.