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We’ll use this article to answer the fee questions we receive most frequently.  If you don’t see the answer to your question below or would like help determining the fee in a case you care about, you’re welcome to call us -- we’ll answer your questions – at no charge and no obligation. 

How much does a Clay County Bail Bond cost?

For all Florida county and state cases, the bond fee is 10% of the bail amount; if the case happens to require a federal or immigration bond, the fee is 15%.

How do I figure out the Bail Bond fee?

  • First, write down the bail amount. 
  • Second, multiply that amount by 10%, if it’s a county or state case; or, 15%, if it’s an immigration or federal case.
  • The result is your answer.


  • Bail is $20,000.
  • X 10%  (.10)
  • $2,000 bail bond fee
  • Bail is $20,000.
  • X 15% (.15)
  • $3,000 bail bond fee 

How do I know whether the case is a state/county case or a federal or immigration case?

First, most cases are state or county cases and, therefore, have the 10% fee.

Second, you could ask your loved one’s defense lawyer, call the jail, or call us at 877-422-4599 and we’ll find out for you. 

If you choose to call us, you’re welcome to call anytime – day or night – we never close.  Your question will be answered promptly, respectfully, confidentially, and accurately.  In addition, we’d also be happy to determine the bail amount for you – at no charge and no obligation.

What forms of payment do your Clay County Bail Bond Companies accept?

You’re welcome to pay in cash or with a check, money order, or credit card.

What’s the best way to shop around for the lowest fees?

All Bail Bond fees are set by state law; therefore, there is no need to shop around. 

It actually makes sense to hire the very best Clay County Bail Bonds Company available – because no Bail Bond Company can charge any more – or any less – than any other Bail Bond Company. 

Our best advice is that you look for a quality, experienced, and licensed Bail Bond Company. 

Where to Get More Clay County Bail Bond Information

A highly trained staff and licensed Clay County Bail Bondsmen are always in house and ready to answer your questions.  You are welcome to call 877-422-4599 now. 

It may surprise you to know that the state of Florida has set the fees for Clay County Bail Bond Fees.  They are not negotiable and there is no need to shop around.  The fees are what they are – usually 10%. 

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