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Do you need a bail bond in St Augustine Florida?  We can help.  This process can be confusing at times and we’ll be glad to explain the entire process to you.  First, let’s get into the process of what happens

  1. The arrest – When a person is arrested, they are taken into custody and brought to the St Johns County detention facility located at 3955 Lewis Speedway, St Augustine FL 32084.

  2. Booking – This is the procedure that could take a while.  Sometimes up to 8 hours.  It is here where the arrestee will have their fingerprints and mug shot taken.  Also at this time, a warrant check is conducted to ensure that the inmate has no other active warrants for his/her arrest.

  3. Setting Bond – Here is where the process can get a little tricky.  If the person arrested is charged with a misdemeanor (a minor crime), usually there will be a bond set and the inmate can bond out immediately.  If the charge on the defendant is a felony (a more serious crime), the defendant may have to wait and go to bond hearing.

    What is bond hearing - Bond hearing is a hearing in front of a judge in which they will assess flight risk, and whether or not the defendant is a danger to the community.  Once this assessment is done, the judge will set a bond amount.  

    St Augustine Bond hearing – 9:00 AM Monday - Sunday

Okay, so a bond is set in St Augustine, what do I do now?

  1. In order to post bond on an inmate, we, the bail bond agent, have to assess the risk we are going to take.  Our agents may ask some of the following questions:

    1. Do you have a job?
    2. Has the defendant ever been arrested before?
    3. Where does the defendant live?
    4. And many other questions may be asked

  2. Once we have approved the bond to be written, we can proceed with the contracts and any other collateral we feel necessary for the bond.  Most of these contracts can be completed online and there will be no need to come into the office to do this.  This process usually takes about 15 minutes or so.

  3. Payment – 10% of the bond amount is required in Florida.  There is $100 minimum as well.   If you choose to complete the contracts online, you can pay with either a credit card or PayPal.  You can also bring cash into the office for payment.

What are my obligations in the court process if I bail someone out?

Your obligations are simple but very important.  YOU are the person responsible for the defendant to make it to his/her court dates.  If the defendant fails to appear for these scheduled court dates, you will be responsible to pay the full amount of the bond.

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